The Democrat Party, along with its liberal media acolytes, has been engaged in serious soul-searching of late to find out why they lost the election.  Really.

Thusfar, in roughly chronological order, they’ve come up with:  1. Whitelash.  Xenophobic, white-supremacist members of the KKK and the American Nazi Party (all fifteen members in good standing) handed the election to Trump; 2. FBI Director Comey handed the election to Trump; (3. Don’t worry.  Hillary won the popular vote.);  4. Russian “interference” in the U.S. electoral process handed the election to Trump;  5. Fake news on social media (who knew that social media was part of the vast right-wing conspiracy?) handed the election to Trump.

In the interests of journalistic balance, here are a few fake news stories that the liberal media have circulated, uncritically, over the course of the latest election cycle:


TRUMP HAS NO PATH TO VICTORY. (repeated on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and the networks about thirty times a day, every day, until an hour or so before they called the election.)

POLLSTERS GOT IT WRONG, DIDN’T REALIZE DEPTH OF WHITE WORKING CLASS ANGER, ANTI-IMMIGRANT SENTIMENT.  (Pollsters got it wrong because they belong to the same media organizations as have proven to be partisan shills for the Democratic Party.  They got it wrong because they were avid to persuade voters that TRUMP HAS NO PATH TO VICTORY, ensuring that Trump would have no path to victory.)

TRUMP REFUSES TO DISAVOW SUPPORT FROM THE KKK.  (The unreported correlative:  Hillary refuses to disavow support from the North American Man-Boy Love Association.)

TRUMP IS A MISOGYNIST; HILLARY IS A TIRELESS AND LIFELONG FEMINIST ADVOCATE OF WOMEN.  (Tell that to the women who accused Bubba of sexual harassment and rape, whom Hillary, in her capacity as head of the Clinton White House Bimbo Eruption Department, defamed as “sluts” and “trailer park trash”.)

TRUMP GROPED WOMAN ON FLIGHT.  (No evidence?  No problem.  Always believe the women, except when the accused is a Democrat.  See TRUMP IS A MISOGNYNIST…, above.)

INCITED BY HIS HATEMONGERING, TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEAT UP PROTESTORS AT RALLIES.  (As it turned out, rent-a-mob protestors, bought and paid for by the DNC, were bussed in to Trump’s rallies to start fights, which were then blamed on Trump’s “Nazis”.)

ANTI-MEXICAN, RACIST TRUMP ATTACKS MEXICAN-AMERICAN JUDGE.  (No, Trump argued that the judge ought to have recused himself, on the basis of his involvement in an organization that promotes affirmative action for Mexican lawyers and immigrants, a position that put him in direct opposition to Trump’s immigration policy, and made it impossible for him to render an unbiased decision in the case against Trump University.)

TRUMP REFUSES TO TAKE PLEDGE TO ACCEPT RESULTS OF ELECTION, JEOPARDIZING HALLOWED AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC TRADITION OF PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER.  (Hillary takes pledge, then refuses to accept results of election.  DNC calls for state recounts.  Argues that meddling—Russian and/or FBI–delegitimized Trump’s victory.  Encourages Trump electors to switch to anyone but.  In the hallowed American democratic tradition of a peaceful transition of power, Hillary supporters riot in the streets, smashing windows, looting, setting fires, overturning cars; but Hillary does not disavow them.)

ELECTORAL COLLEGE  NOT BOUND TO CAST VOTES FOR CANDIDATE UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT.  (And of course, the story died when it turned out that more electors defected from Hillary than the deplorable Donald.)


Finally, a few more news stories whose fakeness needs no comment: