Priceton University

PRICETON UNIVERSITY is an exclusive liberal arts college located on the eastern banks of the picturesque Don River. The PRICETON campus is just a short streetcar ride from downtown Toronto, and within smelling distance of the beaches of Lake Ontario. With Chinatown to the immediate west, Greektown to the north, Little India to the east, and the Rainbow community of the Film District to the south, PRICETON is at the still epicentre of the dizzying multicultural whirl of a world-class city.

In keeping with its exclusivity, the PRICETON campus is small (17 by 85 feet, to be exact). At its geographical centre stands Priceton’s main building (its only building, not counting the garden shed), the splendid Edwardian mansion known as BADGER HALL, housing the university’s classrooms, library, common rooms, dormitories, and faculty.

The PRICETON FACULTY consists of the President and the heads of the university’s TWELVE DEPARTMENTS: Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classics, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, Art History, History of Philosophy, History of Religious Ideas, History of Western Literature, History of Psychology, History of Science, History of Technology and Applied Arts, and History. (Courses in Queer Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, Cultural Studies, Theory, Women’s Studies, Aboriginal Studies, Black Studies, and Brown Studies are offered at our overseas campus in the BETHLEHEM HOSPITAL, London, U.K. Application for these programmes must be made in person.)

PRICETON charges no fees and receives no government subsidies. Apply by letter only. Please do not send high school transcripts (unless you graduated before 1950). (We prefer electronic submissions.)

PRICETON promotes diversity (of opinion) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, colour, handicap, gender, transgender, or sexual orientation. Really. We’re not kidding. No boxes to fill out on our application forms. Being a handicapped transgendered lesbian cuts no mustard with us.