Bibliotheca Universalis Pricetoniensis: From Human Beginnings to the Ancient Near East


1. Mesopotamian, Syrian, Levantine

The Old Testament (Hebrew, Septuagint, Vulgate, Douai-Rheims, and King James)

Epic of Gilgamesh

Babylonian Creation Epic (Myth of Marduk and Ti’amat, called Enuma Elish)

Myth of the Deluge

Descent of Ishtar

Hymn to Ishtar

Legend of Sargon


Canaanite myth of Aqhat

Canaanite myth of Baal and Anath

Baal and Mot

Code of Hammurabi

The Amarna Letters

2. Egyptian

The Memphite Theology of Creation

The Memphite Drama

The Ramesseum Drama

The Deliverance of Mankind from Destruction

The Story of Sinuhe

The Story of the Two Brothers

The Hymn to Aton

Hymn of Victory of Merneptah

The Instruction of Ptah-hotep

The Instruction of Amenem-opet

Primary texts to be found in

Pritchard, The Ancient Near East: An Anthology of Texts and Pictures (1958)

Gaster, Thespis: Ritual, Myth, and Drama in the Ancient Near East (1950)

The Oldest Stories in the World (1952)


1. Ancient Near Eastern Civilization

Durant, The Story of Civilization, vol. I: Our Oriental Heritage (1935)

Kramer, The Sumerians (1963)

History Begins at Sumer (1956)

Mallowan, Early Mesopotamia and Iran (1965)

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Steindorff and Seele, When Egypt Ruled the East (1947)

Smith, The Historical Geography of the Holy Land (1897)

Moorhouse, The Triumph of the Alphabet (1953)

2. Art and Architecture

Janson, A History of Art (1962)

Fletcher, A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method (1896)

Lange and Hirmer, Egypt: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting in Three Thousand Years


De Cenival, Egyptian Architecture (1963)

3. Anthropology; pre-historic psychology and religion; modes of religious experience and symbolic thought; mythic consciousness; the hero, etc.

Beals and Hoijer, An Introduction to Anthropology (n.d)

Braidwood, Prehistoric Men (1964)

Levy-Bruhl, How Natives Think (1926)

L’ame primtive (1927)

Onians, The Origins of European Thought (1951)

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The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms (1955)

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4. Ancient Near Eastern Religion and Mythology

Most of those listed in #3, above, especially Frazer, Smith, Albright, Jung, Campbell, Rank, Raglan, Eliade.

Herodotus (c. B.C. 484-425), Histories, I, II

Plutarch (c. A.D. 46-120), De Iside et Osiride

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5. The Old Testament

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6. Hebrew Religion

Smith, op. cit.

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